Primary ages 3-5


The early childhood classroom is carefully and beautifully prepared to engage children in a journey of social and cognitive growth.  Ages 3-5 work together within the same class.  This allows each child to develop to his/her full potential without being restricted only to work typical of his/her age group and to learn through helping and observing others.

Our primary classroom is divided into basic areas:

  • Practical Life: The practical life area of the classroom provides the child with an opportunity to explore and acquire practical living skills. The materials in this area help the child to learn about caring for the environment and themselves. Just as important, in the process they will develop concentration, coordination, organization, sense of order and independence.
  • Sensorial:The sensorial area provides the child with experiences that allow the brain to isolate each sense and enhance its development. Because the materials in this area and throughout the classroom are designed to be self correcting, children are able to discover independently the qualities of the world around them.
  • Cultural Subjects: Through visitors, books, art, music, dance, food and geography, the children are introduced to various cultures and will begin to develop interest, tolerance and understanding for the world outside of his or her own community.
  • Science: Children will develop skills through observation, estimation and experimentation. Nature and just everyday items can provide endless explorations.
  • Math: This area begins with very concrete, hands on concepts and leads to the abstract. Children begin by learning that numbers represent quantity and can progress through abstractions, such as addition and decimal quantity.
  • Language: Our classroom is language rich throughout! Learning to use words to communicate effectively, working left to right, discriminating small visual differences are all steps toward isolating sounds, building words and then reading and writing independently.
  • Art: The art activities in our classroom focus on the process, rather than the finished product. Children will explore with painting, cutting, gluing, sculpting and many other materials while developing creativity and their own style. Work is introduced by the teacher, then the child is free to create.


Our stimulating and carefully planned environment ensure that each child is fully prepared for the next level of her education. The environment provides a natural sense of discipline.  Respect and responsibility are practiced by all.  The Children are free to display independence and curiosity and to discover a lifelong love of learning.


Elementary ages 5-13


Imagine a learning environment where each child feels inspired and honored. Their ideas are validated and explored.  State requirements are met and exceeded in a comfortable and respectful environment.  Natural human tendencies, individual interests and learning styles lead the lessons, keeping it fresh and exciting.  This is our vision for your child in our programs.  We work to ensure that every child has a deep level of understanding in each area of study. 

The multi age work environments create countless opportunities for children to not only learn from what they do but from what they casually take in from the work going on around them. In this setting children are taught as individuals, not as a group and we find they work at levels we would have thought not possible. Self motivation, tolerance and independence abound as a ch
ild develops in this type of setting.

In addition to basic areas of study, our students participate in physical fitness, spanish instruction, art , yoga and music. We also take a variety of field trips and undertake many community service projects.

Lower (ages 6-9) and Upper (ages 10-13)  are characterized by rigorous and challenging academic programs that support the student’s inquisitive nature and inspire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes necessary for success in high school and beyond.


MAC (Montessori Afterschool Care)


MAC is an afterschool program available from 3-5:15, Monday-Friday on school days.  The program provides a safe and comfortable place for relaxed play and unwinding at the end of the school day. The program is open to all Montessori students.



“Teach me to do it myself”  said the young child.