Parents often wonder how successful their children will be when they transition into a more traditional school. Studies have indicated that Montessori children encounter little or no problems with transition. Most excel academically as well as socially as a result of the experiences they had during their Montessori years.  The Montessori materials cover the standard state curriculum and go beyond in most cases.   Students have also achieved high level of personal development regarding skills such as time management and are very well prepared after completing Montessori programs to enter their recommended grade in another public or private school. 

Montessori students have had a lot of problem solving experience and know how to make good choices.  They do not study just to get good grades, but because they actually love learning.  Additionally, students involved in Montessori programs have access to other important aspects of development.  Montessori is character building.  It encourages initiative, a positive self image, and a desire to make the world a better place.