Children are able to achieve the best possible education when the philosophies of the parents and school are aligned.  Therefore, the first steps to admission are to familiarize yourself with Montessori, our school and teachers.  You may achieve this by touring our building, speaking with our teachers and reading up on Montessori.  If you are interested in enrollment once these goals are met, you may fill out the application form and we will proceed. Together, our school and your family, we will determine if the program is the best match for your family’s educational goals. Enrollment is subject to availability.  There is a waiting list for all of our programs. A two week notice is required should a student need to withdraw from a program before the close of a school year.

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a part of our school family.  To continue the admission process please use the following steps.


  1.  Familiarize yourself with Montessori and then contact our school to schedule a visit for a personal tour.
  2. Submit your application and application fee.
  3. Elementary families will be asked to visit again for an observation in the classroom.
  4. From this point we will decide together, family and school, if proceeding with enrollment is in the best interest of your child and our program.